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Boat Or Swim lyrics


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     Boat Or Swim
    >> Yuppi Flu
    by the boatdeck the air gets so fair
    i wash dishes you comb your hair
    down the porthole shines a distant pier
    kiss goodbye my town
    fade through the bends of the middle-class code
    words are rude and easy sold
    and gestures hard to decode
    as smiles are bound
    Chorus intro
    there goes the dizzy fever
    got some valium
    you better take it easy
    so dangerous
    cold enough X2
    in my body
    under my skin
    all over the land
    all the jokes
    had come to an end again
    heaten upX2
    like a party
    or so it seems
    when pieces are set
    all my jokes
    had come to an end again
    from drinking more
    turpentine bowls
    from the likes of the dirtiest lane
    to the gates of the golden reign
    I've made my day

    chorus intro
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